Naked Prosthetics is proud to offer the first robust and functional prostheses for finger and partial-hand amputees. We specialize in getting people back to work and back to activities of daily living, even those that require heavy use of the hands in harsh environments. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for our end users. Our proprietary method and highly engineered functional fingers are helping to meet a previously unfulfilled need in amputee care.

Nick Armstrong

"I used to be the guy in the room with the missing fingers, now I'm the guy with the cool hand!"

Jacqueline Braun

“I have regained the confidence that my injury took from me.”

Michael Stanton

"It’s not the end, it’s the beginning of something different."

Antoine Sharper

"I am confident that I can do more things and then some with this new opportunity given to me—to inspire others who are just like me and to show them that for every setback, there is a major comeback!"

Cara Beckman

“You may feel hopeless in the moment, but it does get better. And you will be surprised at what you could learn. I am a different person now and I grew from the experience.”

Jacob Kruger

"It came more naturally than I expected—I didn’t have to relearn; the finger was just there."

Shay Powers

“I have so much more confidence messing with my tools; even playing catch with my dad. It feels really good.”