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Naked Prosthetics Unboxes New Packaging

We are excited to unveil our new packaging! Created and crafted by our Design and Brand Manager Lisa Walker and our Chief Marketing Officer Dulcey Lamotte.

“The box form and function were inspired by our devices. We considered how our engineers described our devices, the way our wearers felt when wearing their prostheses, and most importantly, what the end-users needed from the packaging. Functional, strong, elegant, and sleek were some of the words used to describe NP Devices, and we solved for these during the packaging design discovery process.”- Lisa Walker

There were many design elements that went into creating this extension of Naked Prosthetics (NP), but the biggest consideration was accessibility. “We wanted to make sure our end-users are able to access their new prostheses with ease,” says Lisa. One of the challenges in the construction is solving for the many devices we custom-build for amputees, making sure each individually designed solution would ship securely.

After several days of brainstorming for device shipping stability, members of our engineering team proposed the concept of a pegboard wall. If you look close enough, you will see the little Xs all over the backboard. These Xs are die cut to create the first half of our suspension system. The second half is the use of elastic barbed cords, which suspend the devices against the board. The board itself is strong enough to hold the devices for shipping internationally, but fragile enough to be dismantled with minimal effort.

Featured in the new packaging is a flip-top box that holds the extra accessories that come with the device—rings, shims, etc. Many of our end-users use their device all day and only take them off when they go to sleep. It is our hope that our wearers keep the box as a functional storage container for their device when they are not using it. Parallel to how our engineers construct each PIPDriver™, MCPDriver™, and ThumbDriver™ that comes out the door, Lisa’s goal was to create a vessel that combined purpose, reflective design, and functionality.

Nick, who wears a four-digit MCPDriver™ system, is the model in the inside cover image. The photo was taken on a day excursion to a farm near our offices in Olympia, WA. We felt it encompassed the attributes which are often communicated by our wearers: The devices help me get back to living my life again with strength, confidence, and optimism.

NP began shipping in the new packaging this year and we couldn’t be more excited to hear the reactions from prosthetists and end-users. We look forward to getting more videos like the one below from Chris Baschuk (Handspring Clinical Services):

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