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Naked Prosthetics Brings Functional Finger Prosthetics to Europe

Naked Prosthetics, the leader in partial digit and thumb prostheses, has announced its entrance into the European market with three partnerships in Germany and Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

“Our expansion into Europe is a direct response to the demand we have received from amputees and medical professionals across the world,” says Director of International Business Development Drew Leininger. “It is a priority for our company to satisfy the requests for international expansion, and we are excited to announce our strategic partnerships that will help us accomplish this goal in their respective territories.”

Protheseus GmbH is headquartered in Schwabach, Germany and services all of Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. Loth Fabenim has its main office in Nieuwegein, Netherlands and distributes throughout Belgium and the Netherlands territory. Pace Rehabilitation is the U.K.’s largest independent provider of amputee rehabilitation services and is the company’s preliminary partner in the United Kingdom.

Naked Prosthetics has been distributing throughout the United States and Canada since 2012 and was first delivered in the Australian market in 2018 through a partnership with distributor OAPL.

The company currently produces three devices: MCPDriver, for individuals with amputations through the proximal phalanx; the PIPDriver, for individuals who have an amputation through the middle or distal phalanx; and the ThumbDriver, which restores length, strength, opposition, and the IP joint of the thumb.

Naked Prosthetics’ mission is to assist people with finger and thumb amputation and to positively impact their lives by providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses. They specialize in getting people back to work and back to their hobbies, even those that require heavy use of the hands in harsh environments.

Each device is custom-designed and fabricated to within millimeters of a wearer’s unique amputation and hand structure. Any combination of the devices can be worn on the same hand.

The announcement of these partnerships is a first step in planning further expansion into Europe and other areas of the world. For more information on how to get involved visit



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