new device

The GripLock Finger™ is Naked Prosthetics’ elegant solution for amputations proximal to the MCP joint.

This device can be worn in conjunction with our MCPDriver™, PIPDriver™ or ThumbDriver™, and provides the same colors and design choices our users love.

Serviceable nylon fairings and silicone pads provide seamless aesthetics and improved grip stability while also preventing scratch damage to sensitive surfaces and objects handled by the user.

The GripLock Finger™ structure is a combination of machined aluminum and heat treated and case-hardened stainless steel.

We have refined the structure with stress modeling such that our full finger prosthesis weighs in at an industry best starting at 25 grams and a break strength of 200 lbs plus. The rack and pawl are integrated into the proximal four bar to provide maximum component life.

Users can position the digit using a surface or their opposing hand and then return to full extension by releasing the dorsal paddle or moving to the full flexion release point. The full flexion release is adjustable to account for slight misalignments during socketing or for material interference in the palm.