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Finding An Outlet | Mental Health Recovery

Losing a part of your body is a life-altering moment. Taking care of one’s physical health and paying equal attention to the mental impact plays a significant role in the recovery process. There are many resources available such as support groups that could provide a community that understands what you are going through and mental health professionals who can help you navigate your thoughts and emotions. Finally, discovering new activities that are inspiring can also provide a sense of purpose and positivity. This approach is what helped NPChampion Ambassador Darrel Comeau in his recovery.

Darrel assisting a patient.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Five years ago, Darrel lost his left index finger in a workplace accident. For the first few months he focused on the physical aspects of his recovery. It took him some time to notice that he has overlooked one important thing—how his injury was affecting mental health.

One day, he realized that he had stopped doing the things he loved; he stopped going on trips to the mountains, on his own or with friends. Once Darrel recognized what was happening, he was determined to make a change.


The Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA) was cathartic to my healing process.

During a follow-up appointment with his surgeon, one of the nurses that assisted in his treatment informed him of an opportunity to go to Ecuador with the CAMTA.

Since 2021, CAMTA has been providing orthopedic surgery to patients and educating on detection and treatment practices with medical personnel in Ecuador.

Darrel joined CAMTA’s mission trip in 2020 with the goal of assisting the organization as a “mission blogger.” With his background in photography, his role mainly involved documenting the organization’s work and helping tell stories. “The work that I was able to do with CAMTA was very cathartic to my healing process mentally.” When Darrel is not taking photos, he is helping the other volunteers with sterilization, documentation, and more!  

Until this past winter, it had been two years since the team had traveled overseas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Darrel returned to Ecuador with the CAMTA team and came back even more inspired. “The first time I went, there was this fear of the unknown. This time around, it was just pure excitement.” Darrel knew that he was a part of something bigger, something that was creating a positive change.

Delve into his full recap on the NPChampions Facebook page here. Darrel is enthusiastically anticipating his next mission trip in November, this time to Antigua, Guatemala with the Health for Humanity Canada.

Have you found your outlet?

Darrel found his outlet in mission work and getting back to the outdoors. Meanwhile, others have discovered that taking up a new hobby like art, meditation, and fitness helped them focus on regaining a sense of health and wellbeing. To support you, we’ve compiled a list of *avenues that could help free your mind from the stress that comes with an amputation. Check them out below!

VolunteerMatch connects you with organizations that are making a difference. Is there a cause you care deeply about? Find out if there is a non-profit near you.

DrawSpace provides FREE and paid online classes to help you get started in your drawing journey in the comfort of your own home.

InsightTimer offers a huge collection of more than 100,000 guided meditations with no required subscription or membership.

Move United OnDemand provides a high-quality, engaging fitness platform adapted for different abilities and body types.

* Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer 

We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, or in any way officially connected with the platforms we have listed above.

What’s your outlet? Share them in the comments below!

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