Prosthetist/Therapist FAQ

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What kind of movements will my patient be able to do?

Our devices are intentionally designed to help patients regain the natural and intuitive motion of their finger(s) and are optimized to provide the greatest grip strength and function in the patterns of grasp that are most commonly used, such as turning a doorknob, holding a pen, or typing on a keyboard.

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      Is the prosthesis covered by insurance?

      Our prostheses have been covered by most private insurance, worker’s compensation, and Medicare providers – when it is billed through a licensed prosthetists’ office. As a DME provider, Naked Prosthetics does not bill the patient’s insurance directly, but we will act as a resource for the prosthetist (hand therapist, clinician, etc.) during the reimbursement process.

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          What is the HCPCS code for this prosthesis?

          The prosthesis is billed under the HCPCS code L7499. Because this is a miscellaneous code, it is very important that the accompanying documentation (such as a letter of medical necessity and prescription) is strong and well-supported. Once again, Naked Prosthetics is happy to serve as a resource for medical professionals and during this process.

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              What happens if it breaks?

              All of our products are covered with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The optional extended warranty provides an additional 2 years of protection and can be included in your quote request. If the device breaks due to normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects, Naked Prosthetics will repair or replace the device free of charge. If the device is lost or broken outside the Manufacturer’s Warranty, Naked Prosthetics can recreate the device for a replacement cost. Please contact our office as soon as possible, should your patient’s device break.

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                  What is the pulling strength of the device?

                  A healthy candidate can expect the device to restore about 2/3 of their remaining grip strength at the tip of the device. Shorter amputations result in less output force at the tip due to the reduced driving moment arm. If you are concerned about grip power, please contact us for a more accurate evaluation. The care team should keep in mind that a patient’s strength and range of motion will increase in the weeks after receiving the device. The affected digit often suffers from under-use, and has diminished strength. Restoring length and leverage has the effect of allowing the finger to work again, and can quickly allow strength and range of motion to improve. In some cases, the patient will benefit from structured hand therapy sessions to improve performance.

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                      What range of motion does my patient need?

                      This depends on the type of device you need:
                      • For the PIPDriver™, an intact PIP joint with enough residuum to engage the ring.
                      • For the MCPDriver™ an intact MCP joint with enough residuum to engage the ring.
                      • For the ThumbDriver™ enough residuum to engage the ring. Because this device is driven by both the MCP and CMC joints in the thumb, patients with more proximal amputations may still benefit from the device as long as there is enough residuum to engage the ring.
                      Of course, if a patient does not quite meet these requirements, they may still benefit from our devices. Please call our office to learn how amputees with limited range of motion can benefit from our devices.
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                          What can I do if my patient is not a candidate?

                          We are committed to providing the best solutions possible for any level of partial finger amputation. If your patient doesn't meet the qualifications for our prosthetic devices and needs a custom solution, please call our office at 888-977-6693 or 360-915-9724. We would be happy to review your case and determine how we can best assist with your patient's unique situation.

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                              Do I need to submit a hand cast to get the prosthesis made?

                              MCPDriver – yes

                              ThumbDriver – yes

                              PIPDriver – no

                              Positive cast (dental stone preferred), no pipe, relaxed hand position, capture finger and knuckle details up to the ulnar styloid.

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                                  How long does it take to get one?

                                  For the PIPDriver™, the time that elapses from design to delivery is between four and six weeks. However, please bear in mind that this timeline begins once we receive your sizing information from your prosthetist or hand therapist. The MCPDriver™ and ThumbDriver™ have a six week lead time from the point all required documentation is received.

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                                      How long can my patient wear the device?

                                      The loss of length in a finger amputation means that often the patient has experienced muscle atrophy and reduced of range of motion by the time they receive a prosthesis. Keeping in mind that they will be rebuilding strength and motion, the patient should be careful to not overuse their affected digits, as this could create complications such as tendonitis. We recommend starting with 1-3 hours of use each day and increasing according to the patient’s comfort level. Most patients benefit from hand therapy sessions if they are available. Ultimately we find patients are able to wear their device during all waking hours. 

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                                          Can my patient wear the devices side-by-side?

                                          Yes; any combination of our devices, including the thumb, can be worn on a hand at once. 

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                                              Is it waterproof? Can my patient wash it?

                                              Yes; the devices are completely waterproof and can be submerged. They can be easily washed with mild soap and water.

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                                                  Will I be able to make adjustments to the device?

                                                  Naked Prosthetics provides silicone shims to help adjust for volume fluctuations. Additionally, the MCPDriver and the ThumbDriver can be adjusted to optimize ring position and size, MCP joint alignment, and strap position. All necessary tools and additional rings are included.