The P&O industry has been in need of a durable functional prosthetic finger solution for years. We at Naked Prosthetics are happy to fill that void. Our devices are built for those amputees who want to get back to using their hands, without suffering from hypersensitivity, learning compensations to complete daily tasks, or worry about getting their devices dirty.

The Naked Prosthetics line of biomechanical prosthetic fingers (BPF's) are a set of innovative body-powered prosthetic devices. The BPF is available in three variations, to accommodate different levels of amputation, and is custom made to fit an individual’s finger.

The BPF restores fundamental grasps while utilizing the patient’s existing range of motion, such as:

  • precision (holding a pen),
  • spherical (grasping a doorknob),
  • cylindrical (swinging a hammer),
  • lateral pinch (rotating a key),
  • hook (carrying a toolbox).

Learn more about the various BPF models below!