Patient FAQ

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What kind of movements will I be able to do?

Our devices are intentionally designed to provide grip strength and functionality for the most common daily tasks. We’ve optimized the device to be strongest in the most useful positions, such as turning a doorknob, holding a pen or typing on a keyboard.
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      How do I know what type of prosthesis I need?

      By working with your prosthetist or hand therapist, we will be able to determine which prosthetic device will award you the most benefit. If you are not currently working with a prosthetist, submit this form to our office, and we will help find one in your area.

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          What happens if I break it?

          Our devices are covered by a one year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If the device breaks within that period (through normal wear and tear), Naked Prosthetics will repair or replace the device. Please get in touch with you prosthetist as soon as possible if your device should break. 

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              What happens if I lose it?

              If you lose your prosthesis, or it breaks outside the parameters of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, we can recreate the device for a replacement cost.

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                  How long does it take to get one?

                  For a PIPDriver™, the time that elapses from design to delivery is between four and six weeks. However, please bear in mind that this timeline begins once we receive your sizing information from the clinic. The MCPDriver™ and ThumbDriver™ have a six week lead time from the point all required documentation is received. 

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                      Are there different colors and designs to choose from?

                      All of our Gen II devices can be made in ten different coating patterns: Black, Carbon, Brushed, Cork 1, Cork 2, Cork 3, Krypteck, Travertine, Navy, and Paisley. The PIPDriver™ can also be made in either the organic style (which includes a recessed area at the fingertip, mimicking a fingernail) or the minimalist style (which does not include the fingernail).

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                          How long can I wear the device?

                          After a brief break-in period, an ideal candidate can wear the device all day.

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                              Can I wear the devices side-by-side?

                              Yes. The devices are designed to be low profile and sleek, so a user can easily wear several devices side-by-side without issue.

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                                  Is it waterproof? Can I wash it?

                                  Yes. The devices and straps can be submerged and washed with soap and fresh water.