The Academy Today - Fall 2018

Oct 03, 2018
Sponsor's Editorial: Naked Prosthetics addressing Partial-Hand Amputation

Naked Prosthetics Hires KT Treadwell as Vice President of Engineering

Jan 25, 2017
25th January 2017 As seen on PRWeb

Designing Prosthetics: When Customization is Crucial

Aug 02, 2016
Design Engineering Posted by: Jess Lulka in Design August 1, 2016

Company uses Formlabs 3D printer to create custom finger prosthetics for amputees

Feb 18, 2016
18th August 2015 As seen in TCT Magazine

Colin MacDuff Made his Own Prosthetic Finger—Out of Bike Parts

Jan 04, 2016
21st October 2013 As seen in

Man Improves Prosthetic Fingers

Jan 02, 2016
22 March 2013 As seen on

Amputee Peddles Prosthetic Finger Made From Bike Parts

Jan 01, 2016
20 March 2013 seen on

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