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Naked Prosthetics Introduces Education Outreach Specialists, Drops Sales Rep Mentality

Each year in the U.S. an estimated 51,000 finger amputations occur. For every one transradial amputation, more than 30 fingers are also lost. These numbers are staggering, and the population affected by finger and partial hand amputation deserves to have the best possible outcomes from their surgery, therapy, and prosthesis care.

As the leader in functional solutions for this population, Naked Prosthetics (NP) has been doubling down on education this year. We want to form collaborative relationships with all members of an amputees’ care team. Our new direction puts Education Outreach Specialists (EOS) in the field instead of Sales Representatives, so the focus will be on educating surgeons, therapists, workers compensation agencies, and other entities on NP devices as a solution only delivered by certified prosthetists.

“What I like best about talking to hand therapists and other professionals is these ‘lightbulb moments,’” explains Charles Sauvageau, Pacific Northwest Education & Outreach Specialist. “When you have a doctor’s attention and they have specific patients in mind, it’s great to be able to give them the resources to help.”

Charles has been in the field representing NP for more than two years and talks about the progression he’s seen in people’s knowledge of NP products. “It used to be that maybe 7 percent of therapists knew about this solution, now it’s more like 70 percent,” he says. “Now we get to help complete these circles of care—we have hand therapists meeting with prosthetists, then bringing the hand surgeon in, and they can work with our customer care and clinical teams as well. It’s like a whole mesh of gears.”

This holistic, collaborative approach also allows the EOS team the opportunity to fine-tune their discussions with each specific group. While one clinic may have product knowledge, EOS members can dive into a presentation that covers the devices at a deeper level. Or maybe the clinic is more experienced with the devices, but their billing team would benefit from a presentation on reimbursement.

Another piece to the education initiative is the welcome addition of Hannah Smith to the NP team. Smith has joined in a dual role as North America Business Development Manager and the current Southeast Region Education & Outreach Specialist.

“I’m excited to be on the front-end of this innovation, and to get the conversations going,” says Smith. “Not all parts of a care team know this robust, body-driven solution is out there. This model is getting more away from sales and getting into value-based conversations that really inform the entire care team. Ultimately, this sets the stage for positive outcomes for the amputee.”

EOS team members will be supported in the field by the NP Customer Care/Clinical teams, who are responsible for handling all patient care support needed from order inquiry through device delivers. The Customer Care/Clinical team is set up to provide one-on-one attention including clinical, design, and engineering input throughout the entire order process. You can reach them at 888-977-6693 or visit our Customer Care page.

Photo: EOS Collaboration in Action: An NP device wearer shares a photo with his wife, hand therapist, prosthetist and NP EOS Charles (right).


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