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“The Limits of Humanity” Exhibit in Paris, France Features Naked Prosthetics Devices

Naked Prosthetics is excited to be a part of the Musee de L’Homme latest exhibit “The Limits of Humanity” in Paris, France. The exhibit opened in mid October 2021 and will run through the end of May 2022. The exhibition is set to display how technology has progressed through time to repair biological bodies and maximize physical and intellectual potential. This concept seeks it’s viewers to reflect on technology’s relationships with our bodies through art. 

We were invited to display our devices to show how technology can repair essential parts of the body needed for Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The loss of one or more digits can have both a psychological and functional impairment that is historically dismissed as a seemingly minor loss. Our devices aim to restore the user’s ability to perform daily tasks, support job retention and encourage an active lifestyle which can positively affect the emotional wellbeing of wearers. 


Check out Cara’s story here on how being able to complete even the smallest daily tasks has helped her recovery.

Naked Prosthetics sent one PIPDriver, three MCPDrivers, and one ThumbDriver to the museum to be assembled into a single left hand for display. All of our devices are designed to be low profile and sleek so a user can wear several devices side by side. Our devices have helped digit amputees all across the world, including Matt Finney who lost several digits due to vascular occlusion. After a several-year struggle that led him down a dark and troubled path, Matt found his way to Naked Prosthetics to become the first to wear each of our three custom partial-finger devices together. 

Learn more about Matt’s story in our Case Study and watch his story here

Operated by the user through intuitive movement and driven by intact joints, these prostheses require little acclimation and restore both digit dexterity and hand strength. An important benefit of the exoskeletal design is the psychosocial effects of allowing a person to be proud to show their device in a highly visible way that the hands demand.


In 2021 before the exhibition opened we were invited to participate in a private preview. Our Director of Global Business Development, Drew Leininger, took the opportunity while in Paris working with Clinicians and End Users to see our devices on display amongst some of the greatest technologies and art pieces of our time.

“We are grateful to have this opportunity to share our vision of elegant, functional devices for finger amputees and highlight the empowering psychological aspect of restoring those affected back to their active daily lives,” Drew Leininger.  

We are excited for visitors from all over the world to see our functional prostheses presented alongside the museum’s wide array of displays that provide a deeper understanding of human evolution and societies. Learn more about “The Limits of Humanity” exhibition and tag #NakedProsthetics when you visit our featured devices!

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