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Finding Myself Again

We first “met” Mitch through a TikTok video he posted, in which he talks about his accident and his new prosthetic device. He was so confident, hopeful, and inspiring, and we just knew that he was someone we needed to get to know.

“I was working for a company that built fences and decks. I was on light duty and was at the shop when the wood planer I was using started to malfunction.” Mitch opened the machine to inspect what was going on when it suddenly pulled his hand in, amputating his middle and ring finger. Several things started running through his head as he tried to remember what just happened:

“Was I too close?”

“Did I trip on something?”

Mitch looks back to his accident and recovery, describing the difficulties he faced in all aspects of his life. Not only did it change him physically, his mental and emotional health was also suffering. “Coming home was just weird, and after that it was just stressful. I was in a very dark place. I was angry and feeling depressed, especially in the first three months,” he adds.

Mitch was completely devastated, taking in the fact that it was his dominant hand that was affected. With all the hurdles ahead of him, he began doing light physical therapy to help regain function and dexterity on his hand as soon as the bandages were taken off. He adapted and trained his left hand to do almost everything he used to do with his right hand.

Moving Forward

Four months into his recovery, he began looking at different prosthetic interventions and his innate curiosity brought him to Naked Prosthetics. It was the most intriguing and most functional option he found and thus begins the process of acquiring our MCPDriver. “I was looking at the colors and the paisley pattern reminded me of the past and my rebel days, it reminded me of where I was and where I wanted to be,” he shares.

As he was waiting for his NP Device, he imagined the short-term physical benefits of having the MCPDriver. “I was looking at them and I knew that it would give me the functionality I needed.” What he didn’t realize is how quickly it would help him gain his confidence back. “I’m a very social person and I talk to everybody. Before getting my device, I was hesitant to start up a conversation, to shake somebody’s hand.”

His MCPDriver took down the social barrier that his accident created. “Now, I even point it out and they ask a million questions. It’s become an ice breaker!”

“WOAH! That’s cool. How does it work?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

These are just some common reactions Mitch gets when he shows his device.

“My attorney and I fought hard for my prosthesis and I’m grateful that we did because it has given me so much.” One year later, Mitch says that he has found himself again. In fact, he believes his accident put everything into perspective, making him realize his worth.

“I’m a lot happier now than I was 6 months ago. I never thought that a year from my accident that I would be in the position to start my own company with my best friend, Justice,” he adds.

For Mitch, this past year involved a lot of self-evaluation, mental healing, and planning of what he wanted to do. “My accident has changed my life in ways I never would have thought. It’s just another bump, it’s a big bump, but I know I must get past it and keep going.”

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