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The Important Role Our Education Outreach Specialists Play Within NP

For the past decade, Naked Prosthetics has continuously grown and evolved with the same mission as our motivation—to assist people with finger or partial-hand amputation by providing functional, high-quality prostheses.

NP Team Presentation

This year, Naked Prosthetics (NP) plans to put even more effort and resources toward education and customer experience with the help of our skilled and knowledgeable Education Outreach Specialists (EOS). Established in 2019, the EOS team has been traveling across the United States and overseas to increase awareness of the importance of prosthetic care and teach about our range of functional prostheses. They work hard to build lasting relationships with allied health care professionals to create multidisciplinary teams that work together to assist this historically underserved  community.

Within the US, each EOS team member manages a specific geographical territory where they attend trade shows, connect with students pursuing a career in O&P, visit clinics, host collaborative educational events, and maintain relationships through regular communication with industry partners.


Birds Eye View of Team Meeting

To prepare our specialists for 2023, we hosted our Second Annual EOS Summit in December 2022 and brought all five regional specialists in-house for a week of learning, brainstorming, and strategizing. They attended deep-dive informational sessions given by team members from our Clinical, Customer Experience, Production / Manufacturing, and Engineering departments to gain more insights into the different components that go into the day-to-day operations at NP headquarters.

We spoke with our specialists after the summit to ask a series of questions about the experience, what the EOS role means to them, and how they plan to use what they learned in their day-to-day tasks. Here are some of their responses:

Q1 What was the most fascinating aspect of the manufacturing and assembly process?

NP Works Together

“What stood out to me the most is that each device is seen by the Quality Assurance team about six times before it heads out of headquarters to the CP’s office, making sure it meets NP standards before leaving the building.” Paola N., Northeast EOS

“For me, I think the genuine intention behind each piece of the process was the most enlightening for me. To think how far NP has come and how many devices we’re building & delivering each month, while still maintaining the handcrafted details is amazing. I also was very impressed that every member of the production crew took such immense pride in their role and seemed to be the absolute best person for that specific work.” Molly R., Southwest EOS and East Coast Lead

Q2 What was the biggest and most interesting development from when you first joined NP ? 

“I have been with Naked Prosthetics for a year and a half and seeing the growth of the company in that short amount of time is truly incredible. Every department has come together more than ever before to create the best devices possible. The communication and teamwork within NP are at its strongest which, in turn, produces the most optimal results for end users. While we were on our production and manufacturing tour, all I could think was “WOW. In such a short amount of time, NP has expanded and improved so many processes. Also, these people are THE BEST! I am eager to see what the future will hold for NP because the sky truly is the limit.” Chelsea W., former Southwest EOS

“The biggest development since I first joined NP has been the accumulation of all the talent NP has across all departments.  NP has nearly 7x the amount of people as when I first started, and this company would not have been able to scale the way that we have in everything from marketing to Customer Experience to Clinical, Design, Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, and of course our Education Outreach Teams.  We’ve gone from a humble to a global operation and each person at NP has played a role in scaling our company and ultimately allowing more access to our technology for patients across the world.” Drew L., Director, Global Business Development

Q3 What do you enjoy the most about being an EOS team member?

“As an EOS, I am able to identify healthcare professionals that are motivated and eager to help their patients affected by finger and partial hand amputations. Furthermore, I am able to connect these like-minded individuals to provide a patient care focused experience and collaborate with the patients best interest in mind.” Tania G., North America Business Development Manager

Collage of NP Employees

“Informing about what we do at Naked Prosthetics and being able to make the connection with our surgeons, therapist, and prosthetist through education on a face-to-face interaction is the part I enjoy the most.” – Jerry D., South Central EOS

“It’s dynamic and ever-changing and it is truly a team. We truly believe in the power of our group and the talents within it. We regularly share ideas, experiences, and knowledge – which allows us all to grow in our roles.” MJ M., EOS Events Coordinator

“The thing I enjoy the most about being an EOS is being able to educate the whole care team on a functional prosthetic solution that can make the difference between someone going back to work or not, being able to provide for their family, having an opportunity to improve their mental health, and more.” Paola N., Northeast EOS

Q4 What are you most excited about for 2023? How do you plan to use what you learned at the summit when you’re on the road informing about NP? 

“After the summit, I felt a much greater connection with my peers, making me look forward to more opportunities for interdepartmental communications and collaborations in the coming year. While I have always had great discussions about the NP team, I feel that it will resonate differently in my voice because of this whole experience. I’m looking forward to using what I learned to continue our team’s efforts in creating and strengthening relationships to assist the finger and partial-hand amputee community.” Chantel W., Northwest EOS

Naked Prosthetics Team Observes On Site

“I’m very excited to see what NP produces in 2023. One thing I do not think everyone understands is how much thought and effort goes into every device created. The amount of detail, precision, and expertise needed to create a NP device is remarkable. Every step has a purpose, and every person plays a vital role in the production of these devices. The EOS team will be able to use what we learned firsthand to further educate others on the turnaround time of our products and continue to advocate for NP’s mission.” Chelsea W., former Southwest EOS

“I’m most excited to get back to basics with this role and build out some amazing & novel collaborative educational events. Especially for the South East territory where there are many possibilities to expand EOS representation. I’m really excited to dive in and see where the opportunities for these large impactful events lie.” Molly R., Southwest EOS and East Coast Lead


Interested in scheduling an in-person or virtual educational session with our team? Check out our EOS Territory Viewer and contact your regional specialist to get started!

For any questions, help with sizing, fitting, in-services, or conference calls, please contact our Customer Experience Team.
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