Career Opportunities

Naked Prosthetics (NP) is an emerging prosthetic device design and manufacturing firm focused on biomedical solutions. At NP, we are visionaries of beautiful functional devices for finger and hand amputees. We have been called “one of the best prosthetic innovations in the last 30 years,” and our growth is showing it.

Our mission is to assist those who have experienced digit amputation and positively impact their lives by creating custom-made, articulating, body-driven prostheses. Our product aims to restore the ability to perform most tasks, supporting job retention and an active lifestyle.

We work with clinics, independent prosthetists, physicians, and surgeons to provide the best solutions possible for digit amputees. Naked Prosthetics is becoming the leader in the industry and we are looking for a new member of our team.

  • March 23, 2020 No current positions available at this time.

    Thank you very much for your interest in seeking a career with Naked Prosthetics (NP). Because of the Covid-19 virus, NP has decided to put all new hiring on hold until further notice. We are working to maintain full business endurance while making sure that our employee's health [...]