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Engineered for Strength

To offer a look into why our products are unique, we compiled a summary of what it means when we say our devices our durable and strong. Read on to understand how our devices are optimally engineered for strength. You’ll learn more about why those with finger amputations who are able to utilize our devices are able to get back to work and their hobbies, even those that require heavy use of the hands in harsh environments.

Our devices are body-driven mechanisms driven off of intact joints. In order to provide effective grasp forces, consideration must be paid to each joint’s capacity to generate torque. As with any anatomical joint, there are angular ranges throughout flexion/extension in which each joint experiences its maximum moment-generating capability. The factors influencing this peak force range include pretention on the tendons, muscle body engagement, and for the hand, the posture of the surrounding anatomy.

The combination of the hand joints with four-bar linkages provides a powerful opportunity for engineering optimization. A four-bar has an interesting property: its velocity profile changes throughout its trajectory. Sometimes its “throw” is very fast, and sometimes it is very slow. Given that speed and force are inversely related in force systems, it becomes imperative to consider peak joint moment generation ranges, four-bar kinematics, and functional hand grasps in order to create a powerful finger prosthesis.

Our devices mimic the kinematic coupling seen in the stable motion of anatomic fingers. Building on this and giving consideration to efficient load bearing postures, we provide tools that both mimic biology and behave quite differently, with the overall goal being to create a useful end effector capable of dexterity and strength. Our devices are often used for 12-16 hours per day on hard-labor jobs. Our device wearers get back to work as mechanics, farmers, professional musicians, construction workers, and even professional athletes.

Naked Prosthetics’ goal is to change the harsh reality facing individuals after these all too common injuries and ensure that no one loses his or her vocation as a result. Our team works daily to innovate in a space where much innovation is needed and where technology has not yet lived up to its promise.

We deliver solutions that can handle the load.

For more information on ordering, fitting, color options or finding a prosthetist, please visit our Customer Experience page. For downloadable information: Resources Page


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