NAKED PROSTHETICS: It's All About Function

About Us

We are the visionaries of elegant, functional devices for finger and partial-hand amputees. Designing and manufacturing products isn't all we do; we get people back to work and back to doing the things they love.

Naked Prosthetics manufactures durable, functional finger prostheses specifically for partial-hand amputation. Our mission is to support people with finger amputation and to positively impact their lives by providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses engineered for strength. Our devices aim to restore the user’s ability to perform daily tasks, supporting job retention and encouraging an active lifestyle.

We currently manufacture four devices to replace the partial or total loss of the finger. Our devices are individually designed to mimic the natural motion of the finger, utilizing the remainder of an amputee’s digit to power each device. We work with clinics, independent prosthetists, physicians, therapists, and surgeons to provide prostheses that are simple, elegant, and fully functional for everyday use. We design and customize our devices for each individual customer, and all of our products are manufactured in America.

  • Customer Experience When it comes to Customer Experience, we keep it pretty simple: every single client interaction is met with warmth and follow-through. From a Facebook conversation to a conference-call fitting, you can expect each experience with an NP representative to be authentic, informative, and transparent. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.
  • Forefront of Innovation Assembled from an incredible mix of experts in their fields, the NP team brings their best selves to work every day. We strive for excellence in even the most minute details. We dream big, knowing that more prosthetic solutions are just within reach. Genuine curiosity and fierce ambition (and copious amounts of coffee) fuel our visions of success. An amputee’s needs are the driver of our designs, and it shows.
  • Education + Collaboration A holistic approach to prosthetics is imperative to success—both for the amputee and the care team that assists them. We know we can’t do this alone, so we continually reach out to industry partners, travel to dozens of tradeshows a year, and thankfully accept every piece of feedback on our devices and processes. We also share what we know, offering workshops, one-on-one video calls with patients and their care teams, and brainstorming with the best and brightest in the biz.
  • Ambassadors and Advocacy Each amputee's experience with an NP device is unique. Our intention is that every amputee regains the function they need to get back to work, and back to doing the things they love. When a user thanks us, it resonates deeply. When a user says, “I want to tell everyone I know about your products,” we really get mushy inside. Amputee-to-amputee communication goes above and beyond anything we can say, so when an ambassador is ready to advocate on behalf of our products, we wholeheartedly bring them on board. Look for more support and peer communication on our Facebook support group page.
  • Continued Support Staying in touch is important to us. From the father being able to provide for his family again to the O&P students we meet along the way, the relationships we build make a mark on us. Whether it’s six months or six years down the road, we want to continue to support you. Maybe you need a new washer for your back plate, maybe you need someone to talk to about the challenges and triumphs of your prosthetic journey, whatever it is—just reach out, we’re here for you.