At Naked Prosthetics, we understand the emotional and physical struggles that accompany an amputation. With the Biomechanical Prosthetic Finger, we strive to ease your transition back into daily activity. The medical-grade nylon fabrication protects your finger from further injury. We work with local P&O professionals to ensure the most comfortable fit. And each device is custom built with your interests in mind, so that you'll be able to get back to the things you love.

The BPF is available in two variations, to accommodate different levels of amputation. However, both models restore fundamental grasps while utilizing your existing range of motion, such as:

  • Precision (holding a pen)                • Spherical (grasping a doorknob)
  • Cylindrical (swinging a hammer)    • Pinch (rotating a key)

Take a closer look at each BPF below!



This prosthesis suits amputees whose middle joint (or PIP) is still intact. Sturdy, yet elegant, the PIPDriver™ protects the amputation site against further injury or hypersensitivity, while also providing an individual with dexterity, grip strength, and articulation.



The thumb is, arguably, the most important digit in the hand. This makes a functional solution for thumb amputees a very real necessity. Our MCPThumb™ prosthesis is designed to restore the opposability and strength unique to this digit. The MCPThumb™ is currently in development.


  • I am a musician who recently lost the digit of the middle finger on my left hand. This was a devastating injury. After trying the conventional prosthetics, which were useless for playing piano and guitar, I heard about Naked Prosthetic's articulated devices. We went through a few designs until we found one that worked well for my application. While it is not like having my flesh and blood finger back, it is close. I can play both the piano and guitar again with all ten of my fingers. It is a real gift.

    The people at Naked Prosthetics have been very helpful and responsive. One of the first devices broke through hard use, and they adapted the design and sent me another one at no cost. They have always been very polite and responsive to my needs. I am really glad I found the people at Naked Prosthetics. 

    Nelson (Colorado)

  • When I received my prosthetic in the mail there were no words to describe how I felt when I put it on – I had my finger back... I can say that I now have the one thing that once made me feel so fulfilled and complete back in my life since my accident (playing the piano), thanks to the biomechanical prosthetic finger.  It gave me my life back. 

    Eva (Iowa)

  • It was great to be treated as a person.  After many discussions with many people I was beginning to feel as though I was silly - after all it is just part of a finger.  It may be just part of a finger, but now I feel whole again.

    Jim (Ontario)

  • I'm able to do everyday tasks again with precision.

    James (Washington)

  • An art teacher by trade, Joey had also taught sign language before suffering from Septic Shock that resulted in the loss of seven digits. We fit her with a pair of sample prosthetics, and in no time at all she was signing the alphabet. The length from the prostheses helped her from the letters as clearly as a natural finger. It was wonderful to see her returning to something she loved with such ease. 

    Joey (Georgia)

  • For a computer engineer like Saku, typing is a critical part of every day. Before receiving two PIPDriver™ prostheses, his speed and accuracy suffered; with them on, however, Saku can move across the keyboard with ease again. The articulation of the devices facilitate fine motor function, making this engineer’s workday that much smoother.  

    Saku (Washington)

  • Before receiving his prostheses, Mike had been able to strum simple chords on his guitar, but he was not able to do what he called “Clapton-style finger picking.” With two PIPDrivers™ on his hand, he was able to articulate his fingers and pick out a beautiful melody – something that, as he told us when his song was done, he hadn’t done in over five years. 

    Mike (Nevada)

  • Ryan tried on the PIPDriver™ at an appointment with his Hand Therapist and put it to the test with a funny hobby of his: juggling! The prosthetic allowed him to keep control of the balls, making it easier to juggle for a longer time. Also, the device protected his hypersensitive residuum, allowing him to catch the ball without fear of pain. In only a few minutes of wearing the BPF, Ryan could see that they make, as he says in the video, “A world of difference.” 

    Ryan (Oregon)

  • I became familiar with Naked Prosthetics after a woodworking accident.  I have one of their unique  prosthesis fitted for the partial loss  of a finger and have ordered another for my missing index finger.  The prosthetics were easy to fit and are easy to wear and use, while giving give an incredible amount of support to the entire hand.  I have met with the personnel in Tumwater on two occasions and have found all of them to be  very professional, most considerate and helpful, and dedicated to providing the best fitting and functional prosthetic which met my needs.   

    Jim (Arizona)