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Naked Prosthetics: It's All About Function

We are committed to making finger amputees whole by incorporating seamless aesthetics with function.

Naked Prosthetics designs and manufactures custom prosthetic devices specifically for finger loss or amputation. Our mission is to assist people with finger amputation(s) and to positively impact their lives with functional, high-quality finger prostheses. Our devices aim to restore the user's ability to perform most daily tasks, supporting job retention and an active lifestyle. 

NP currently has three models of bio-mechanical fingers, designed to replace the partial or total loss of the fingers. Our design functions just like a finger, utilizing the remainder of an amputee’s digits to power the device. We work with clinics, independent prosthetists, physicians, and surgeons to provide prostheses that are simple, elegant, and fully functional for everyday use. We design and customize the BPF for each individual customer, and our BPF is 100% made in America.


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Bob Thompson

Bob's background in business is deep and varied.  A graduate of the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, he is President of a family building materials business that has thrived for five generations, as well as a chain of coffee shops. Over the past six years, Bob's leadership and passion have successfully brought NP from concept, design, and testing through to commercial rollout.  His vision and commitment have enabled him to build an expert team and provide solutions to an under-served amputee population. NP now supplies robust, functional, custom digit solutions and has a reputation for being agile, innovative and reliable. “It’s about function. It’s about getting people back to work and back to enjoying life.” 
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      Dulcey Lamotte

      Dulcey brings with her over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales, along with award-winning excellence in exceeding sales quotes, managing, training and supporting teams, and driving organizational growth and profitability. In her role as CMO of Naked Prosthetics, Dulcey uses her extensive marketing skills and experience to facilitate company growth. She oversees corporate communications and public relations efforts. She is responsible for management of the marketing department, and the development of promotional strategies. In her free time, Dulcey spends time with her family. They enjoy spending time outdoors. Her many hobbies include snowshoeing, snowmobiling, camping, and Zumba.
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          KT Treadwell

          KT’s BS in biomedical engineering from Texas A&M and Master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington prepared her for a diverse career. She’s worked in prosthetics, medical device product development, research science, and robotics which make her a valuable member of the company.  She enjoys homesteading, bike riding, and kid wrangling in her free time.

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              Brad Crittenden

              Brad has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Before joining us at Naked Prosthetics, he spent 6 years working at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in VA as a mechanical engineer. He loves hiking, snowboarding woodworking, canoeing, skeet shooting, archery, gardening and video games.
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                  Liam Mooney

                  Liam joined Naked Prosthetics because of his love for creative product design. Liam earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Previously, he helped develop innovative biomaterials at Ecovative Design in NY, but is now happy to return to his home state of beautiful Washington. Outside of his career, Liam loves being a father and making anything and everything with his hands. 

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                      Levin Kagy

                      Levin Kagy is, at heart, a seeker of harmony in the chaotic field of product manufacturing.  His 15 years of experience across diverse operations in design-build architecture, high-speed lithographic packaging, and heavy-diesel systems design have made him an expert in manufacturing process control.  A technologist by nature, Levin champions data-driven solutions to Naked Prosthetics' complex engineering, manufacturing, and logistics challenges.  He is a father of one, Olympia native, and ecstatic to help shape the future of life changing prosthetic devices.

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                          Erin Harrison

                          Erin brings over twenty years of experience to her role as Office Manager. She has managed a variety of offices, from lumber yards to technology companies. When she isn’t brightening the office with her sunny disposition, Erin enjoys music, art, and crocheting.
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                              Sara Hathaway

                              Sara joins Naked Prosthetics with her Associate’s Degrees in Office Administration and Business Administration as well as her experience as an office manager and administrative assistant. She works as our Administrative Assistant and helps get product out the door. She enjoys getting to experience the world through the eyes of her three-year-old grandson by taking adventures with him and her family.

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                                  Charles Sauvageau

                                  Charles earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Central Washington University (CWU), he has a passion for people and physical exercise. This education, paired with over ten years of sales and customer support experience makes him an excellent fit for the Naked Prosthetics team. When Charles is not in the office, he enjoys martial arts, hiking, camping, and just about anything outdoors.
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                                      Okba Jahjah

                                      Okba has a background as a dental professional.  His experience with small part fabrication and machining make him a perfect fit for Naked Prosthetics' mechanical technician team.  His medical knowledge combined with his hands-on capability working with mechanisms, molding, and assemblies provides our team with a high level of expertise in production.  In his free time, he likes running.

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                                          Rachel Lowin

                                          Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary sculpture from The Maryland Institute College of Art with and emphasis in environmental design and smart textiles. She has worked with a broad spectrum of materials ranging from conductive fabric to pouring concrete. Her diverse skill set and material problem solving experience contribute to the mechanical technician team here at Naked Prosthetics. When Rachel isn't here at work or in her studio she is generally on a crag or single track somewhere in the Olympics